End of Week update

This has been a very busy week.   It was filled with a number of meetings and experiences that I am very thankful for.   I attended the Country View PTA meeting.  The Country View PTA is an amazing group.  I was not aware of how much money they raise to support Country View School.  They welcomed me to their meeting and reaffirmed for me how parental involvement is vital to our schools success.  The amount of work behind the scenes that these women put into the fundraising efforts is immense.  I commend them all for going above and beyond and I  sincerely thank them for their work.   I am hoping to meet with additional PTO/PTA groups in the coming weeks.

In a continuation of an effort to meet with people and learn more about our district.  Over the past few weeks I ha ve met with a number of professionals who I think exemplify the quality staff that we have in our district.   Two weeks ago I met with John Schmitt, Donna Behn, Jason Olson, and Chris Murphy.  Yesterday morning I met with Betty Wottreng who oversees Instructional Technology in our district.  What a great conversation to hear about the innovation taking place regarding online learning.  It is also great to hear that Betty really wants to ensure that anything our district does with online learning is held to a high standard.  This is critical as the district ventures into alternate modes of deliver for educating students.

I then met with Michelle Nummerdor, Principal at Country View Elementary.  We had an excellent conversation about our district, issues specific to Country View, and some long term concerns that need to be on our radar moving forward.  Michelle has been doing research while working on her PhD.  She has some great perspective on how we can continue to improve our schools for all learners.   I see her as a valaule resource and am thankful that she serves as Principal at Country View.

I then met with Todd Brunner, Principal at Sugar Creek.   Another example of the quality staff personnel we have in our district.  Todd talked with me about the role of Site Councils within the district, specifically at Sugar Creek and how their site council operates.  Todd was extremely helpful and welcoming.   I can tell how dedicated he is regarding his role at Sugar Creek by his words and his actions.  Observing him interacting with a handful of students for a few moments made it quite obvious he is thoroughly engaged in their well being.

After meeting with staff personnel, my day shifted to campaign work.  I picked up my lit cards to start handing out and finished putting together yard signs.    Thanks again to all of those I have met and interacted with.  I am doing my best to educate myself in order to serve effectively on the board.  I appreciate your support as we move closer to Election Day.

**Update to Campaign schedule –

I was unable to meet up with the Optimist group this week but plan to attend their meeting on Thursday, March 22.  I have an email out to the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce regarding opportunities to interact with their members.  I am attending the capitol rally today and will be handing out lit cards and dropping off yard signs later today and tomorrow.


About johnmmcculley

Father of three, currently serving in my first term on the Verona Area School Board. Hoping to help foster more open discussions about the future of education in my community.
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